What To Do After A Surgical Procedure

There are going to be a lot of different surgical procedures you may need to undergo in your life.  Some of these may be minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes to more serious surgeries such as broken bones and illnesses.  For many, going to the doctors and the hospitals is not a fun experience. Going in for surgery is no fun either.

One surgery that most people want to avoid is inguinal hernia surgery in Mount Pleasant.  When we have a hernia, we are in constant pain and one that can be avoided.    If you find yourself in need of this procedure here are some tips that you can use to have a faster recovery.


Rest is going to be your best option. When we rest, we are allowing our bodies to heal and get better.  For the first day or so after surgery allowing the inflammation and swelling to go down from surgery is a good idea.  After that, you will want to talk to your doctor about the physical activity you should be getting into.

Stay hydrated

Another thing that you will want to do is stay hydrated.  Hydration is very important since your body will be pulling resources from other parts of your body in order to heal.  You should always have some type of water besides you at all times. You want to drink at least a glass of water every hour to help ensure that you are staying hydrated.

Also, look at the side effects of medication you are on.  If you are taking a lot of medications, they may cause you to become dehydrated as well.  It is important that you keep up with this since your body won’t heal otherwise.

Go to therapy

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Don’t push back therapy.  You need to go to your appointments and do the tasks they want as well as the exercises when you get home.  The more you do and the better you work on your recovery the faster you will return to your normal life.